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What is the best scaffold intruder alarm system for Construction Site scaffolding?

Well, the answer has to be one which is portable, it should be monitored independently, it needs camera visual verification to minimise key holder call outs and should not require either electricity or telephone connection.

Scaffolding Alarms UK offer short or long term alarm hire contracts on our high quality GPRS wireless scaffold alarm systems with RaiderVision to protect scaffolds from unauthorised access, theft, arson and accidents or personal injury to intruders, arsonists, graffiti artists or freerunners.

As this truly remarkable portable alarm system, using tried and tested technology, is able to function without the use of mains power, telephone line or internet and broadband connection, it is a popular choice within the construction industry.

The system signals directly to the Insurance-approved 24 hour monitoring centre (ARC) in event of alarm activation, tamper or power failure, the ARC then contact the nominated key holders. These keyholders can be your designated personnel or we can arrange for SIA-licensed security officers to attend.

Our Scaffolding Alarms Systems are hired on a weekly basis and within those hire costs are built in the installation and dismantling of the system.

Not only are they versatile and offer flexible installation locations, but installation is both quicker and less destructive than any hard-wired permanent system. Better still, they run on independent batteries and can be monitored over a mobile phone network. This means that even if the power and phone lines are cut, you still have the solid protection you can rely on.

We appreciate that your security requirements will change as the construction site works progress. Our wireless alarms system packages offer you the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of your secure area.

We will continue to make routine maintenance visits at no additional charge to you to ensure that they are always optimally placed and operating as they should.

Scaffold alarms from FRM Security also come with warning signs which have worked really well as an invaluable deterrent


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