Portable fire alarm hire

Construction and vacant property portable fire detection, fire alarm and fire call points hire, monitored 24/7

FRM Fire Detection Services offer affordable, fully automated, portable wireless systems that are tailor-made to meet your needs, on short or long term hire.
We’ve been serving construction sites, rural properties and void (vacant) commercial buildings since 2000.
All systems are monitored 24 hours a day with swift on-site response to accidental fire or arson incidents.
We offer full installation and maintenance services - and systems are monitored 24hrs a day to ensure that you receive swift notification of potential issues.
The fire detection and alarm systems can be integrated with our intruder detection system for cost-effectiveness. Both are eminently flexible and can be expanded as a site grows, building usage changes or extensions are added.


Fire Call Point

Totally portable, immediate response! Just break the glass and the system activates the sirens and contacts our 24hr Control Room which will contact your key holders.
Spare glass, and keys to allow for test alarms, are supplied.

Fire warning siren with strobe light

As soon as the system activates (even if, in working hours, the integrated intruder alarm is disarmed), the siren and strobe light will activate your siren(s).
Our 24hr Control Room will contact your key holders and, if your instructions dictate, the Fire Brigade.
Typically, on construction sites, we install one siren in the buildings being protected and one by the Site Office.

Smoke and heat detectors

Portable, not requiring electricity or wiring!
When activated, our 24hr Control Room will contact your key holders and, if our pre-agreed instructions require us to do so, we will call the Fire Brigade
On construction sites where there may be a lot of dust which can trigger false alarms, we can use heat detectors instead.

We can also assist you if you require permanent intruder and fire alarm systems or CCTV, just call John Hicks on 0845 862 0845 ​

What we do

Protecting people, property and assets 24/7
Learn all about FRM Fire Detection Services and what we offer by giving us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you with any information regarding a specific product or service.

Our speciality is protecting construction sites, rural farms, barns, remote outbuildings and vacant commercial or residential properties by installing portable, temporary, standalone heat and smoke detectors and break-glass fire call points.

They do not require electricity, telephone, internet or wi-fi connection - and offer affordable protection for your staff, visitors, property and assets.

Our sensible hire charges include maintenance and 24hr monitoring.


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